The Artifacts of Community

By: Mat Goldberg What is a community? What does it mean that I never imagined being a part of a community of people facing homelessness? In leaving my internship this Wednesday with the… Continue reading

Words and deeds to honor thee

  By: Kyle Whitaker I’ve heard that it’s always good to start any kind of talk or workshop with a question. This strategy, in theory, immediately puts the focus on the audience instead… Continue reading

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Penguins

By: Kim Lilienthal Of all the things I tend to talk about and care about incessantly – education equity, words and language, writing, the environment, community engagement – there is perhaps one passion that… Continue reading

Phoenix Question: What is your creative outlet?

Kim: I love making up hypothetical scenarios inspired by real things – like societies and people and environments. I think how much fiction I read as a child always got me thinking about… Continue reading


By: Anthony Weston I teach a variety of courses here, but whenever I can I find a way to ask my students to chose totems: animals, or places, or forces of nature, with… Continue reading

Phoenix Question: How do you Pay it Forward?

Jeff: I pay it forward by buying a meal for someone. A simple way to show you care by paying and simply inviting them to share a meal with you. Cara: Elon University, Center for… Continue reading

An UNhappy Hump Day

By: Danielle White “Camels will be on the commons on hump day to celebrate Wednesday, brought to you by SGA.” When I heard that, I thought it had to be a joke. Unfortunately,… Continue reading

Phoenix Question: If you had to describe your family to someone using a single story from your past, what would that story be?

Kim: My family is the type of people who would join the Historical Society of Newport, Rhode Island just so we could get a discount on the tours of the old mansions. I think… Continue reading

Plutocracy, the TPP, and the Millennials’ Next Political Challenge

By: Sean Wilson In the past couple years, we’ve made amazing progress in the advancement of gay rights. Many states have and continue to legalize same-sex marriage, DOMA was struck down as unconstitutional,… Continue reading

Agreeing to Disagree

By: Kirstin Ringelberg Recently there was a post on this blog about discussion—about the importance of talking things through, talking things out, really addressing our differences together in conversation. I couldn’t agree more.… Continue reading